Software for the quick lactate diagnostics


Driver independent mobile plugable application technology (directly runs from USB Stick without installation)

C&P compatibility for application and sql-database backup and restore

Complete analysis in only 5 min

variable lactate thresholds

scientific test comparison options

Extremely flexible training zones

Creation of training schedules (calendars)

Print report desginer


Version, 04. April 2016, Demo/Update, GER/ENG/FRA, 10 MB

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Dieser Download link installiert die aktuelle Demoversion der Software.

Dieses Setup kann auch als Update von Ihrer bestehenden Version genutzt werden. Sie können das Update in einen zweiten Ordner installieren, um das Update mit seinen neuen Funktionen vor dem Kauf zu testen. Wahlweise können Sie das Update auch in Ihr bestehendes Verzeichnis installieren und dabei die vorhandenen Version überschreiben. Abhängig von der aktuellen Version kann dabei eine neue Lizenz erforderlich werden.


This Download link installs the latest demo version of this software.

This setup can also be used to update your current licensed version. You can install this update into a second folder beside your existing one in order to test the new features before purchasing it. Or you can install it into the existing folder to override the current version. Depending on your version a new update license may be required.

About Lactate EXPRESS

The software Lactate EXPRESS is, besides the software winlactat, the second analysis software which has been developed by the mesics gmbh to enable lactate performance tests.

It is designed for beginners who start working with lactate performance tests. The software attracts attention through its convenience in handling (simply one window) and its highly intuitive interface.

The step test data input is carried out either manually or through file import or equipment (Lactate Scout). The master and test data are stored in a folder which can be accessed by multiple computers. The evaluation of step-tests with Lactate EXPRESS is very easy to learn. The two most established threshold models (MADER, DICKHUTH, BUNC) are provided with the evaluation. A correction of the thresholds is possible through a graphic, manual slide, which can be handled intuitively.

Lactate EXPRESS documentation


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Product sheets

Feature matrix

Report samples

Single analysis (Power step test)
Single analysis (Speed step test)
Test comparison

(all reports are designable using the in-built report template editor)

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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